X-Nek Inc.

X-Nek Inc. is dedicated to creating effective and affordable body strengthening devices that target the source of musculoskeletal pain. We’re advocates of active lifestyles in order to energize and assist the body in taking on today’s challenges. Because we know that many health problems are associated with a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, overuse of mobile devices and an aging population, we let body movement inspire design in order to engineer easy-to-use products that will inspire you to move.

Our products are not intended to replace, but rather to complement, the advice and care of your healthcare professional so that you can play an active role in taking charge of your health and well-being.

Our goal: your well-being

A happy, fulfilling and healthy life requires balance. And your body works hard everyday to achieve that. The choices you make either help it or get in its way. Our goal is to leverage your natural body mechanics to deliver efficient, innovative and safe body strengthening tools so that you can get back to living. Freedom from pain is possible and within your grasp. Your body was made to move, and a strong, flexible neck will prevent injury and pain from occuring in the first place. A strong body, free from pain, is our commitment to you.

Our mission

We aim to become catalysts for change by targeting the root causes of pain, rather than treating the symptoms. Chronic pain is a prison that hinders your ability to move freely. That’s why we’re actively engaged in developing biomechanical solutions to improve your physical health and promoting the benefits of optimizing your body’s ability to do what it does best: move.

Our R&D activities focus on natural body movement in order to engineer high performing systems that optimize toning, strengthening and flexibility. Our solutions assist you in performing the exercises recommended by sports and health professionals. Because we know that life demands the best from you, we design adjustable, robust and travel-friendly systems so that you can strengthen your body wherever you are, whether you’re a pro athlete, an office warrior and everything in between.

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